Keep meIf you care, I care

  • Light

    I love light. So please place me in a well-lit spot. Preferably close to the window or where sunlight comes in. Found a good spot? Then leave me there.

  • Water – large plants from 140 cm

    Give me half a mug (150 ml) of water a week. In the summer when its warmer I evaporate more water. So give me more water in the summer. 2 mugs (500 ml) of water a week please. But avoid leaving me with wet feet. Too little water is better than too much.

  • Water – smaller plants

    Smaller plants need less water than larger plants. One small cup of water (75 ml) a week is enough in the winter. In the summer one full mug (250 ml) of water a week is enough. Here too, avoid getting my feet wet. Better too little water than too much.

  • Food

    I love plant food. Once every 30 days please.

  • Please don't ...

    Do not place me in a dark spot, and avoid draughts. I will shed leaves and will be less able to cope with plant diseases.

  • Watch out ...

    If I shed leaves, don't give me extra water. That's not the cause. Find a lighter spot for me! !

If you care, I carePowerful air purifiers

With my leaves I turn water, sunlight and gasses into sugars and oxygen. I thereby purify your air and control humidity.

Look after me, and I will look after you!

They made meThey already took care